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liquid solid

The liquid solid

crystal leaves

emerged in during spring,

lived in July,

& shattered during the fall.

Then in the winter its dust made a

shimmering canvas

for the countless strokes of our many bloody footprints.


The Price of Death

Stoned from the middle eye

centered in a suspension of mercury

and sifting through dune darkness

the combustion as medium

hits a point of placid aquiescence

in the tornadic antigravity of

motionless space.

Under bathwater rain,

you hold back the river

with a bolt from the blue.

More than the altruistic levity of a wistful recline

we change and are changed

waiting for a resurfacing that cuts through the cyclone.

The burial used to commemorate them,




and into,



and cosmically undisturbed.


Mass Hypnosis

How do you capture ephemeral things

like wind

and shadow?



in the un-contained space

of myopic intimacy and sublime distance

with no end and no beginning.


And looping through the fall,

as life mirrors death,

the ambiguous disappearance of the under card,

the joker

meets the hierophant halfway

in time.


The Land of Laws in a Lawless Land

Hope costs nothing,

is, that true?

Wait and see for free will to be a myopic illusion.


Within the severity of the palette

slick reflections imbue self-deception

into the ambiguous arrangements of space and color,

presenting objects through

the presence of their absence.


The land of laws in a Lawless Land

inundates the Woman in the Dunes

to flood, grow, trade,

part of,


for the influence to,

the abstracted continuation of her single thought.


The wave of effacing narcissus slowly

blooms and pervades the early fog

asking, to be healed is a very mysterious thing.


Epiphanic Placations

Perhaps deeply sardonic gestures embedded in the web of possibility —

suggests the geriatric catch-all of prescience  —

in which —

intuition is spiritual revival of the interpersonal occurrence,

dreams incarnate visions of dying,

so life mirrors death,

and the couteau in the avant-garde exculpate responsibility given its exalted epiphanic placations.

Anathematic Earache

Injudicious news of

Waxy opulence in Blood red times

precipitated in spite of heavy cordite fogging.

The nervous attosecond flashes

of subliminal pain

prompts swelling in the ear canal

and emancipated Gnosticism.

Tidal oceanic apotheosis

billows once before

and twice after.

Seminal Engagements

Trite platitudinal convergence

of the pre-theophanic,


banal homeodynamic patterns

of moral eugenics.

The epiphenomenon of lurid azure

attacking with livid attrition

until supine,

does not mitigate

the seminal engagement

of the corroborated Querencia.