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plants you don’t understand

It’s hard to see what’s going on in the silver vacuum vapor trails, in a half dream blackout, in gravity’s rainbow.

It’s hard to say; who are we? Come to me. Face the screen.

Where have you been all colored in?

Look at all the plants you don’t understand.



come find me where the light ends

Dripping cutouts in reference to the crystalline solid – and its specific arrangements –

Bulk batches of where the light ends –

Vibrant matter from one blue eye  –

Standing with the sun at sea level –

Yes, tell me all about it .

We’re back in the same four walls


We’re back in the same four walls

I speculate a mix of phalo blue, green shade, and white

true medium, cool


Even though the windows are

so small

our atmosphere is light and warm.

We’re supposed to meet again,

and finally move past hesitation,

but I can’t make my way back to your floor.

I don’t know why we left the room.



it was a dive

As red snow finally hit the ocean floor,

past the icy layers built from the cold,

it was more of a falling

than a dive

but it was a dive

because I heard the force of the impact

red green landscape

red green landscape inverted