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liquid solid

The liquid solid

crystal leaves

emerged in during spring,

lived in July,

& shattered during the fall.

Then in the winter its dust made a

shimmering canvas

for the countless strokes of our many bloody footprints.


Missing, Missing Persons

I’m waking up dizzy in an empty nauseous sort of way,

where the blood is flooding from my head to my stomach,

I know if I try to go swimming I’ll faint in the water.

There’s only so much blood pumping through these veins.


I haven’t cut my nails in a month and now they’re curling over my fingertips

but from straight on you can’t see the bowing.

I have claws for my own protection.


Sometimes I think I don’t breathe deeply enough

like the air I take in can’t fill out my lungs,

and I’ve only ever used them at maximum capacity when running for dear life away from you.


But as I come to the staggering point

right before I keel over,

I feel a sharp cramping

from most of the discrepancies

seen within interpersonal relationships-

of when to connect and disconnect,

how to gracefully miss the mark

of the absence in a missing

and barely feel the restless shuffling

right before falling

at the bridge of being your own person


when you ran across the room

and burned everything I loved and hated to the ground

I got up and filled my heart with water

and had it slowly turn to ice

so more flames would just turn it back to water

but the water lifted into air

and it was weightless

like I never had a heart at all


It’s never over, always un done. the finale is a chapter

What an impossible question

from start to stop,

the longing

front & back

the ability to grow

the ability to reproduce

right to wrong

good for nothing

hedge your bets —

the ability to metabolize

the ability to respond to stimuli

the ability to adapt to an environment

to move

to respire

it’s a slow burn