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Pick Your Plan

Movements through depression


turbulence from condensations :

heavy hail

sleet & snow-

Shot down with thunder –

landing in

the one you want to be with.


Things that are hard besides your body

Things that are hard besides your body-

because I don’t feel pain I feel alive-

Help me relax

progress is slow.

Reach out to

touch me

then let



Love is lost on you


He loves me

but I love no one

and nothing.

My substance needs

formlessness over form –


a washed out murmur,

from anywhere but here.

I was always transparent,

but unpredictable.

And now, I want to be free.

I can’t feel the change in me today

Blank faced

sweet but inedible

weightless and transparent

it’s dark matter

like blue mercury creeping from the windows

that’s got –

just us in slo mo.

It’s always for pleasure

but I can’t feel the change in me today.

Here’s to wriggling through

Here’s to wriggling through

around and allover

falling UV Rays,

a lightning loose

race to the reason

for time

and the substance

in things.

Lately a month feels like a week

but today sort of

feels like the last time,

I saw you.

There is a loss that stays with you until you die too.

I get it.

Cold is another type of hard.

Are you your best in bad conditions-

or hollow chested in dead white skies?

When the snow stops and winds begin-

how are all the ways you cry?

All it knows is transformation

Stream of connections

just atoms thin

landing on the foggy bottom,


yogic flow,

vinyasa glow,

you know, –

you just know.

the art of when life finds a way.