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Pick Your Plan

Movements through depression


turbulence from condensations :

heavy hail

sleet & snow-

Shot down with thunder –

landing in

the one you want to be with.


plants you don’t understand

It’s hard to see what’s going on in the silver vacuum vapor trails, in a half dream blackout, in gravity’s rainbow.

It’s hard to say; who are we? Come to me. Face the screen.

Where have you been all colored in?

Look at all the plants you don’t understand.


come find me where the light ends

Dripping cutouts in reference to the crystalline solid – and its specific arrangements –

Bulk batches of where the light ends –

Vibrant matter from one blue eye  –

Standing with the sun at sea level –

Yes, tell me all about it .

liquid solid

The liquid solid

crystal leaves

emerged in during spring,

lived in July,

& shattered during the fall.

Then in the winter its dust made a

shimmering canvas

for the countless strokes of our many bloody footprints.

But you were sleeping and woke up

Continuing in

the reoccurring dream,

where you’re just a few stones away,

we’re talking in a light pink fuzz,

about my future plans,

but I wonder why I miss you

in an empty way.

I forget what happened,

but this morning I remembered

that you died.


le clairvoyant

Stymied senses brought a presence

from the hedonic shrine,

pure, abject, opuscule-


where delusions from the phantom limb

send phantom pain to deflect the body image barriers

extending past zygotic stage differentiations

looking in the mirror to the phantom limb

as if the phantom was listening


in introspection, moving the phantom,

for transcendence, moving the phantom pain,

on continuity and time, waking le clairvoyant.


Epiphanic Placations

Perhaps deeply sardonic gestures embedded in the web of possibility —

suggests the geriatric catch-all of prescience  —

in which —

intuition is spiritual revival of the interpersonal occurrence,

dreams incarnate visions of dying,

so life mirrors death,

and the couteau in the avant-garde exculpate responsibility given its exalted epiphanic placations.