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Things that are hard besides your body

Things that are hard besides your body-

because I don’t feel pain I feel alive-

Help me relax

progress is slow.

Reach out to

touch me

then let




liquid solid

The liquid solid

crystal leaves

emerged in during spring,

lived in July,

& shattered during the fall.

Then in the winter its dust made a

shimmering canvas

for the countless strokes of our many bloody footprints.

Mass Hypnosis

How do you capture ephemeral things

like wind

and shadow?



in the un-contained space

of myopic intimacy and sublime distance

with no end and no beginning.


And looping through the fall,

as life mirrors death,

the ambiguous disappearance of the under card,

the joker

meets the hierophant halfway

in time.


Tub of Colloidal Silver

It’s strange how only part of my body floats in the bath of water.

It’s as if my floating arms aren’t actually floating,


this feeling is yet another mirage within a series of mirrored half truths,

refracted at the point–

where the water displaces the air and sinks to the bottom of the basin.

As if


my arm is still attached to my body,

the origin of free-floating buoyancy cannot be severed from the tipping point of it’s anchorage.

I know it is somewhere within the boundary of where my shoulder hits the bottom of the tub, and my elbow feels weightless.



only one piece of my body is floating,

I do not believe I am floating.

Sensing the capacity for colloidal buoyancy reflected within this incomplete gesture,


I need my entire body to be both submerged and supported by something more dense than me.

Epiphanic Placations

Perhaps deeply sardonic gestures embedded in the web of possibility —

suggests the geriatric catch-all of prescience  —

in which —

intuition is spiritual revival of the interpersonal occurrence,

dreams incarnate visions of dying,

so life mirrors death,

and the couteau in the avant-garde exculpate responsibility given its exalted epiphanic placations.