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Pick Your Plan

Movements through depression


turbulence from condensations :

heavy hail

sleet & snow-

Shot down with thunder –

landing in

the one you want to be with.


le clairvoyant

Stymied senses brought a presence

from the hedonic shrine,

pure, abject, opuscule-


where delusions from the phantom limb

send phantom pain to deflect the body image barriers

extending past zygotic stage differentiations

looking in the mirror to the phantom limb

as if the phantom was listening


in introspection, moving the phantom,

for transcendence, moving the phantom pain,

on continuity and time, waking le clairvoyant.


The Price of Death

Stoned from the middle eye

centered in a suspension of mercury

and sifting through dune darkness

the combustion as medium

hits a point of placid aquiescence

in the tornadic antigravity of

motionless space.

Under bathwater rain,

you hold back the river

with a bolt from the blue.

More than the altruistic levity of a wistful recline

we change and are changed

waiting for a resurfacing that cuts through the cyclone.

The burial used to commemorate them,




and into,



and cosmically undisturbed.


Mass Hypnosis

How do you capture ephemeral things

like wind

and shadow?



in the un-contained space

of myopic intimacy and sublime distance

with no end and no beginning.


And looping through the fall,

as life mirrors death,

the ambiguous disappearance of the under card,

the joker

meets the hierophant halfway

in time.


Pluck Sibilance

Pluck sibilance

in taut tones

contort comforts.

Anti abject anhedonia

regrettably addresses

the duo colour field

in the water window regions

across from the hermetic

pile of sticks stuck

protruding from the sand.

High tide

corresponding to the gravitational

magnetism of the

full moon on 7.30.15

that pulled the

crab apple

to shore

despite the many continual

attempts to toss it further and further

into the ocean.

Over Past the Over Pass

I thought I saw you,

over past the overpass,

where the close roads closed

under the snow and construction.

I thought you saw me,

under the snow,

and construction.

But perhaps your train was moving too fast

for anything more than a vague vision.











Glass stacks make up a table

amethyst, amber, bloodstone, cat’s eye, jade,

I’m floating in a ball, slowly running, leaping, then flying

Glass stacks make up a table – but shatters when I move around the corner

I sort through the pieces, fractals

crystal quartz, aquamarine, topaz, citrine, peridot, blue lace agate

there’s a house on the water

with a secret book –


although we’re fated to die,

grief is an emotion that sends a vague alert

to help us remember,

rather than forget

but practice is a means to strengthen recollection