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Pick Your Plan

Movements through depression


turbulence from condensations :

heavy hail

sleet & snow-

Shot down with thunder –

landing in

the one you want to be with.


come find me where the light ends

Dripping cutouts in reference to the crystalline solid – and its specific arrangements –

Bulk batches of where the light ends –

Vibrant matter from one blue eye  –

Standing with the sun at sea level –

Yes, tell me all about it .

Epiphanic Placations

Perhaps deeply sardonic gestures embedded in the web of possibility —

suggests the geriatric catch-all of prescience  —

in which —

intuition is spiritual revival of the interpersonal occurrence,

dreams incarnate visions of dying,

so life mirrors death,

and the couteau in the avant-garde exculpate responsibility given its exalted epiphanic placations.